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The Internet and Google: The Advantages Outweigh the Disadvantages

I am retaking an English course to strive for a higher grade for application to the radiology program at Southern Crescent Technical College. The following contains a discussion board post for my ENGL 1101 class. The post contains an informal essay regarding a response to Nicholas Carr’s article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”  In “Is […]

How to support local businesses during mandatory restrictions

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 throughout the United States in March 2020 transformed American lives in ways many might never have imagined possible. Social distancing recommendations and restrictions on gatherings of more than a handful of people had a ripple effect on the economy that adversely affected many small businesses. Small businesses are […]

My College Black and White Photography Portfolio

A friend of mine initiated a Facebook black and white photography challenge “to break up the monotony and lighten the mood during this crazy Corona [COVID-19] hysteria.” The following gallery contains photographs that I used for the challenge. I shot, developed and printed these photos in my college photography class at LaGrange College sometime between […]