Zapata Technology Newsletter

Amy Haisten

Zapata welcomes our new colleague, Amy Haisten, who brings with her a shipload of experience and training to be our Graphic Designer. She has a BA in Art and Design with a concentration in Graphic Design from LaGrange College and a Diploma in Animation and Multimedia with a concentration in Web Design from Central Georgia Technical College. In addition to her part-time work for Zapata, she also works at The Courier Herald in Dublin and runs a freelance business, Pink Pixel Media. At the paper, she does web content ads for which she has won several awards from the Georgia Press Association. As a freelancer, she does mainly branding and print media.

Her real passion is for the “creativity, variety, and attention to detail” that her work involves. Her work and her focus on it leave her little spare time and she can be found in her studio/office most of the time. She might slip in to to spend some $$ and hustle over to the gym to get in a work out. But her interests are wide and she is drawn to the creative in every medium. She started out in college as a music major with a focus on percussion. While she might have changed her major, she didn’t lose her love for music. So music competes with World of Warcraft for the little spare time remaining.

Creativity is at the center of her future plans as well. She would like to self-publish children’s books and coloring books she has designed and also design patterns that could then be licensed. So, please welcome Amy to our Augusta office and be on the lookout for some design finesse in Zapata’s future!


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